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kid-friendly music for everyone

Created and hosted by singer and DJ Lisa Mathews, the Shake it Up Jam brings fun, kid-friendly music to any event. The Jam combines engaging music with immersive props to curate unforgettable dance parties!

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School and Library Events

The Shake it Up Jam is perfect for school and library events. We can:

  • Make your end-of-year, transitional, or back-to-school parties dynamic and fun for everyone.

  • Ensure your Summer Reading Kick-Offs, Grand Opening or Anniversary celebrations have a fun, music-filled dimension.

  • Tailor musical themes to favorite books or reference them in our dancing.  

Private Parties 

The Shake it Up Jam brings the musical fun to family-friendly private parties.

  • Birthdays, Kindergarten through 3rd grade graduations - we've got you covered.

  • We focus on age-appropriate tunes that kids know.

  • Grown-ups get their songs, too - while keeping younger audiences in mind.

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Corporate & Special Events

The Shake it Up Jam rocks any corporate special event where families are the focus. We can:

  • Scale up or down depending on the venue

  • Incorporate prizes and giveaways that feature the event or brand

  • Build dance segments around a theme song, and include your theme song in the Jam. 

What Our Clients Say

"We had Lisa bring the Jam to our son's first birthday party. She had all ages involved in the fun. It was a smilefest! Can't wait to have her back when he's 2!"

Jane & Gordy Landon


"The Shake it Up Jam is unique in that Lisa and her team focus on kids and families. But even people who were at our event by themselves enjoyed watching the fun!"

Pinky Anderson - Westchester Library System

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